Was ist TikTok Diese App ist der neueste Trend!

What used to be Musically is now Tik Tok. The new social media app is a worldwide trend. What’s behind you will find out from us.

The approach of “fast and effective” is also housed in the operation of the app, which has certainly helped significantly to the success of the platform (or the platforms). Every user can create meaningful contributions with his smartphone even without long tutorials or lengthy learning processes. The user interface is very visually designed with pictograms. With the aid of various symbols and emojis, the design and, at the latest, the tapping and trying out quickly make it clear what can be done with what. Like the posts on TikTok, the user experience is playful and carefree.

But moment – filters and short picture contributions? That was all!

With Instagram, there is a large platform for photos of any kind, short videos, live videos and the trendy “Stories”, so limited available and current video clips.

With Snapchat, users also have the ability to create short video posts and above all, to use a variety of entertaining real-time filters.

So what’s the big advantage of TikTok?

With its musical approach, tik tok video download free has a clear direction and thus a clear niche in which the platform exists. Who wants to tell about his experiences and share them with small clips and photos, does not go to TikTok. If you just want to play with filters to send funny messages to friends and fans, use Snapchat – if you do not want to keep the posts.

Similar to YouTube, TikTok collects content creators’ contributions to fans. In addition, TikTok functions are inherently available to create content and interact with each other. In particular, these are the functions “Reaction” and “Duet”, which we will discuss in the next article.